Baby Shower Games For Men

Baby Shower Games For Men

Baby shower games for men are becoming popular with time. There was a time when only women could have a get-together and enjoy baby showers. However, trends are changing, and DIY Beauty is here to update you about it!

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3 Baby Shower Games For Men

Are you a man who wants to celebrate baby shower? Well, do not worry at all as we are going to present you 3 amazing baby shower games for men. These baby shower games are random and yes….they are pretty enjoyable.

Diaper Changing Race

In this game, every man will be given a doll, and he has to change the diaper as soon as possible. There will be only one person who will become referee while the others have to play this game. The game does not only involve dolls and diapers but wipes and baby powder as well. There are two options to play this game. First one is that you can make teams by dividing people in even form. If there are odd numbers of men in your baby shower party, then no problem! They can all play individually! Main thing is to have fun in the baby shower.

Advices For The Daddy

In this game, every person in the party will be given a page and a pen. Every person will write a special advice for the dad-to-be. Sounds boring but you can twist it a bit! If the advice of any two or more persons will match, then they will get a punishment or dare from the dad-to-be. It will be an enjoyable thing for all, and everybody will strive hard to write a unique advice.

What The Dad Will Say!

This baby shower games for men includes printable forms. These printable forms will contain some questions about “WHAT WILL DAD SAY?” in particular situations. Each person will get the same printable and write the answers they think the dad-to-be will give in different situations. The questions will be random like which parents will the baby prefer, how many diapers are in an economical pack, which will choose the theme of the baby’s room etc. This game will be enjoyable as everyone will give random and funny answers. One by one, the dad-to-be will ask every person to tell their answers.

Final Words

Baby shower games for men are exciting, enjoyable and easy. Men of all ages will enjoy each baby shower game to the fullest. So, if you are a dad-to-be then go ahead, call your friends over and have a baby shower party at home!


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