mexican candy shot

Mexican Candy Shot

Mexican Candy Shots are becoming popular with the passage of time because of different reasons. The first reason is that it has a blend of flavors. Moreover, these shots are so colorful that they appeal the onlookers. Therefore, DIY Beauty is here with this unique Mexican Candy Shot recipe.

mexican candy shot recipe

How To Make Mexican Candy Shot At Home?

There are many people who are fond of cocktails and shots. If you are one of those then you should make Mexican Candy Shot at home. The recipe is interesting, and you can enjoy it alone or with your friends.


  • Watermelon liqueur 1 oz
  • Silver Tequila 1 oz
  • Lime juice 1/2 oz
  • Tajin
  • Watermelon slices


First of all, you have to take a shot glass and rim it with Tajin. After that, you have to dip the rim of this glass into a plate having lime juice. Later, you have to put it again on Tajin for perfect coating.

Furthermore, you have to take a cocktail shaker and add ice in it. You have to add watermelon liqueur, lime juice and silver tequila in it. Now, you need to shake it properly for around 20 seconds. This is the time to strain this cocktail mixture and put it into a shot glass.

Take watermelon slices and decorate the shot glass with it. Your homemade Mexican Candy Shot is ready!


  • You can customize this shot according to your choice. For example, you can add more spices in it or fruits like strawberry, blueberry or any other.
  • This shot will give you a mix flavor of sweet and spice.
  • In the culture of Mexico, people add candies and chilies together for shots and cocktails. Due to this reason, the name of this recipe is Mexican Candy Shot.
  • It is compulsory for you to always use high-quality products like watermelon liqueur of a good brand. Otherwise, you will not have the right taste of the shot.
  • Make sure to add enough ice in the cocktail shaker and shake till the ingredients mix together. Also, you have to make sure the drink is chilled.
  • You have to use fresh lime juice instead of bottled one. Otherwise, the freshness will have an impact on the flavor of the cocktail.


Can I add my favorite spices instead of Tajin?

Yes, you can use any of your favorite spices instead of Tajin.

Can I use the candies of my choice?

Yes, you can use any kind of candies in this drink to make it according to your taste.

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