Stonyfield Recipes

Stonyfield Recipes

Stonyfield is actually an American company that provides a range of yogurt items. It was founded in 1983 and you will get organic yogurt with top quality ingredients. The company provides different yogurt flavors including vanilla, plain, Greek yogurt, and fruit infused. You can consume each yogurt in a way that you like. DIY Beauty is here with Stonyfield Recipes today.

Different Stonyfield Recipes To Make At Home

Stonyfield recipes are so easy that any child can even follow them. They are delicious delights that people of all ages would love to eat at any time of the day. However, it is recommended to eat these recipes at daytime. Get to know these recipes and start making them now whenever you get Stonyfield yogurt at home.

Berry Blast Smoothie

This recipe is something with which you should start your day. It is not just delicious but energizing as well. You have to take a cup of Stonyfield plain yogurt and then mix blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, spoon of honey, and almond milk. If you want it to be creamy then you need to add a ripe banana for creaminess. Moreover, you have to blend these things up and voila…..your very own berry blast smoothie is ready. It is a full energy booster which you should take at least thrice a week.

Yogurt Parfait

If you are looking for something elegant as well as simple, then you should go for this recipe. You have to take vanilla yogurt of Stonyfield and then add crunchy granola in it. Moreover, you have to add sliced mango, kiwi and even berries in it. Mix all these ingredients well and then you will get the perfect yogurt parfait. The texture, the flavor everything will be out-of-the-ordinary. However, if you think it should be sweeter than you can add honey or stevia in it; try to avoid adding sugar. This yogurt can be used as a breakfast meal or even a snack.

Creamy Yogurt Pasta Sauce

Are you fond of pasta? If your answer is yes, then you should make creamy yogurt pasta sauce and enjoy it. You have to take plain yogurt of Stonyfield and then add minced garlic, olive oil, pepper, salt and fresh basil leaves in it. After that, you have to mix things up well and then put this sauce on your boiled pasta. Now, your ordinary pasta will turn into a yummy creamy pasta dish which you can eat at any time of the day or night.

Final Words

Stonyfield recipes are not just snacks, but they can work as actual meal too. You can make these recipes sweeter by using more honey or stevia. Stevia is good for diabetic patients and honey is suitable for those who do not have this problem. Moreover, you can customize these recipes according to your choice like you can make them creamier by adding bananas. However, each of these recipes are full of nutrients and will work as energizers.


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