DIY Garage

DIY Garage

A garage is so important for our house due to which DIY Beauty is here with DIY garage guide. We are going to discuss in detail that how you can make your very own garage. Those who are DIY masters can follow this guide easily. However, it may be a bit difficult for the newbies. Still, we are going to explain things in such a way that you may not face any problem.

Make DIY Garage At Home

Building a DIY garage may sound impossible, but it is possible. With our tips and proper guidance, you can surely make a strong frame and foundation. Just follow the guide thoroughly and you will get the garage you always wanted.

Step 1

First of all, you have to get the design of your garage. If you will know what you want to make, then it will be easy to set it up. You have to consider your budget, layout as well as size. Moreover, you have to consider the area, the setback needs, roof style, foundation type, and so forth.

Step 2

Now, you have to gather materials and tools that you need like nails, screws, lumber, shingles, concrete, siding, drywall, insulation, windows, garage doors and paint. Grab all these things and make sure you do not miss a single one.

Step 3

After gathering things, you have to start preparing the area where you are going to build it. You need to level the ground first and then mark the boundaries. You need to dig the footings and then pour the concrete for the foundation. Also, you have to make the foundation in square shape, and it should be levelled properly.

DIY Garage plan

Step 4

Start making the frame now by erecting the wall studs. You need to attach the top and bottom plates but be careful. Moreover, you have to start installing the braces and headers. Make sure that you raise the walls properly and then secure them to the foundation and one another. Otherwise, you may not be able to move to next step. Start installing the sheathing and roof trusses now. You have to cover them up with the roof paper or you can use shingles.

Step 5

You have to finish the exterior of your DIY garage by adding the siding, fascia, trim and the soffit. You have to install the garage doors, windows and other exterior features of your choice. You have to paint your garage after setting things up but go for the nice color that goes with your house.

Step 6

You have to finish the interior by adding the insulation completely. Moreover, you have to add the drywall and vapor barrier. You have to run the electrical wiring and then install outlets and lights. Furthermore, you have to add storage or workbench if you want otherwise skips these things.


We have mentioned the basic steps of making DIY garage at home in easy manner. However, you can add more things in your garage or skip the things you do not want. The best part is that you can customize your garage in the way you want. You can adjust things according to your design and choice. So, go now and start making your garage that goes with your home!


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