DIY Ghost Costume

DIY Ghost Costume

DIY Ghost Costume is more than a simple Halloween ensemble. You have to be creative and innovative while designing this costume. However, crafting this ghost costume is not a big deal. You can easily make it at home. DIY Beauty is here with complete explanation of how to make this costume.

How To Make DIY Ghost Costume?

People of all ages can make ghost costume from scratch. So, you can make this costume for your whole family. Making this costume is a creative process and brings joy. Have fun together while making more than one costume.

Things You Need

  • Safety pins or needle and thread
  • White bedsheet or fabric
  • Scissors
  • Black marker or black felt
  • Measuring tape
  • White clothing to wear underneath


You have to gather all the things first and then make sure the bedsheet or fabric is clean. Moreover, it should be free from wrinkles. You have to find a spacious area to lay down the white fabric flat. In case you are using a bedsheet then you may not need to cut off the excess fabric.

You have to cut a hole into the center of the fabric but it should be big enough for your head. In this way, it will fit you better. You can also do this by folding the fabric in half and make a small cut into the center. Moreover, you have to slowly enlarge the hole as needed. However, you have to make sure it remains comfortable to wear.

Furthermore, you have to hold the sheet up with the hole you cut for the head at the top. You have to let the fabric drape down evenly from all sides. It should not sticking to your body from any side. Also, you can adjust the length by cutting the fabric to your choice. You have to aim for a spooky and ghostly look.

You have to attach the drapes properly. Make use of safety pins to gather and secure the fabric around your neck. If you want a finishing look then it is better to use needle and thread. However, if you want a rough look then go for the pins.

For the ghost face, you have to get a black marker and cut out the eyes and a mouth from the black felt. You have to attach them to the fabric by using the glue. Add more personality to your DIY ghost costume by using hats, gloves or even chain. Customize the costume according to your choice. However, your main costume is ready now!


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