Copper Anniversary Gifts

Copper Anniversary Gifts

Copper has strength as well as flexibility. Due to this reason, many people prefer copper anniversary gifts. These gifts include copper jewelry, home décor, custom plaques and cookware. If you want to get something modern for your loved one, then you have to get copper-themed subscription boxes. Moreover, you can go for custom handcrafted artworks and tech gadgets of copper.

3 DIY Copper Anniversary Gifts For Your Loved One

Today, DIY Beauty is here with do-it-yourself anniversary gifts made up from copper. You know the best part is that you can customize the copper gifts according to your choice. Here are some of the best 3 DIY copper anniversary gifts you can make at home.

Hand-Stamped Copper Jewelry

You have to design and craft the custom copper jewelry pieces. They include necklaces, pendants and even bracelets. You have to use metal stamping tools to inscribe initials, love quotes or even meaningful dates on the copper sheets. Moreover, you can finish it by shaping and polishing the copper to make unique accessories.

Copper Wire Photo Holders

You just need to buy a couple of copper wires to make a beautiful copper photo holder. You can bend and shape the copper wire to make stylish photo holders at home. This DIY project is quite simple as you can bend the wires into different shapes like initials, hearts and designs. However, you have to attach them to a base to hold photographs. They make appealing tabletop displays for the cherished memories.

Copper-Embellished Home Decor

If you want to gift your loved one something related to home décor then you can revamp existing home decor items. You can make new ones by adding just copper accents. However, you have to use copper leaf, paint or any adhesive-backed copper tape to make embellish picture frames. Moreover, you can make vases, candle holders or even mirrors for a modern and elegant touch.

Final Words

When making DIY copper anniversary gifts you have to consider the choice of your loved one. You have to make and shape the copper wires into something that your loved one want or need. Moreover, you can customize the gifts with heartfelt touches. In this way, your loved one would surely appreciate your efforts.


What is the best way to present a copper anniversary gift?

The best way to present a copper anniversary gift is to wrap it up in a beautiful wrapping paper. After that, you have to beautify it with colorful ribbons and then at 12 AM, you have to give it to your loved one.

Can I make copper-themed gifts for both genders?

Yes, you can make copper-themed gifts for both genders. For instance, you can make home décor and jewelry for women. For men, you can make bracelets, photo album, or even coasters.


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