DIY noise-maker craft

DIY Noise-maker Craft For New Year’s Eve

Welcome to the world of DIY projects and crafts! DIY Beauty is always here for you when it comes to unique crafts. Today, we are going to discuss DIY noise-maker craft for New Year’s Eve. Children can make this noisemaker craft on their own and use it on New Year’s Eve! They form from glass tumblers made of plastic and may be filled with anything to produce sound. After that, the exterior can be decorated using paint, stickers, and stencils. Party crafts are all time favorite for sure!

DIY noise-maker craft

DIY Noise-maker Craft Complete Guide

DIY noise-maker is an excellent craft for toddlers. They will surely have fun in adding small, noisy objects from around the house to the cup. After you assist the child in taping up the noisemaker, provide them some stickers to stick on the outside. This will be the best way to decorate this noisemaker.


  • Two single-use plastic tumblers
  • Colorful electrical or crafting tape
  • Items to fill the shaker (we have used wood and pony beads)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Small stones, and other decorations for the outer decor

Complete Tutorial

Start the New Year’s craft by adding noise-making things to one of the plastic cups. However, we have used wood and pony beads. But you can also use other items like little stones, jingle bells, popcorn kernels, rice, and beans. You must stack the second tumbler on top of the first in order to make the shaker look beautiful.

After that, use the colorful electrical or crafting tape to hold the glasses together by wrapping their edges around one another. Firmly press down. It’s time to set up the party shaker’s outside now. Try using stickers or paints. You can paint it the way you want with your paintbrush. The artwork completely depends on your choice! Now, your very own DIY noise-maker craft is ready for New Year’s Eve.

Final Words

You can make this DIY noise-maker craft at home without spending money. Moreover, you can make it for any occasion or event. It is not compulsory to craft this project for New Year.

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