Art Paint On Wood – Everything You Need To Know

Welcome to the DIY Beauty family! Each day we bring new DIY projects for people who want to create something new and unique. These projects are so simple and easy that any of you can follow them at home. Similarly, we are here with an art paint on wood project! Painting wood seems quite an easy task but there are many things you have to keep in mind. For that reason, we are going to explain how to paint on wood properly.

How To Art Paint On Wood?

Do you know how to paint art on wood? No? Well! We got your back as we understand the importance of wood art. However, it is quite simple to transform a simple wooden piece into an artistic piece. To do this, you first need to get acrylic paint as it works perfectly on wood. You can start painting the wood right away, but it is recommended to prepare it first. So, we will explain each step properly so that you can have a better finish of your art paint on wood.

Make Your Wood Smooth

If you want a beautiful art paint on wood, then you must prepare your wood first. This step is not difficult at all! You just have to make sure that your canvas is prepped. If it is then you can start applying paint directly on it. Otherwise, you will need to make the wood surface smooth.

In case your wood is not ready then you have to sand it to make the surface smooth. You have to use 130-170 grit sandpaper for your wood. After that, you have to remove the excess grains by using a cloth.

DIY artwork

Make Use Of Primer

When your wood is ready then you have to make use of primer. Some people do not use primer due to which the wood art does not become smooth. So, you should apply primer on your wooden piece to make your art paint on wood smooth and nice.

Furthermore, when you apply a layer of primer on wood then it would actually seal the wood. In this way, when you apply acrylic paint then the colors will appear brighter and nicer. You will surely get a good result out of it.

Nevertheless, you first have to apply a thin primer layer and then let it dry. Do not start painting until the primer gets dried up completely. Still, you have to keep applying primer to your wooden piece until it becomes smooth. If the surface of the wooden piece is smooth, the more desired artwork you will get!

Create A Background

After making a smooth surface, it is time to create a background. First of all, you have to choose a good color for the background. You have to make use of a small amount onto a palette. No need to use a large amount as it will ruin your wooden surface.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that acrylic paints dry up in a short period. Thus, you have to use only a small amount. Let the first coat dry up completely and then start applying the second coat.

However, the acrylic paints can dry up completely within half an hour. So, you have to wait for at least half an hour to apply the second coat.

Start Making Your Artwork

When your background shade dries up completely then you need to start making your artwork. Do not use a hard brush for this artwork otherwise your background layer may get distorted. You always need to use a soft brush for your artwork.

Furthermore, you have to dip your brush properly into water to keep your brush soft and clean each time you use a color. When your artwork is complete then you have to leave your board to dry.

Art Paint On Wood

Seal Your Artwork

When your artwork is ready then you should seal it up properly. There are different ways through which you can seal your wood. However, we will recommend you a sealant that is readily available to you and can easily secure your artwork from chipping.

Moreover, you can pick the spray sealants as they are the cheapest ones. Remember, you have to apply only a thin coat of the sealant and then let it dry up. Once it dries up, you are ready to dangle your art paint on wood on any wall of your home or workspace.

Final Words

Art paint on wood is an interesting task but requires a bit of time and attention. You can design anything that comes into your mind. The more creative you will be, the more it will be pretty! Moreover, you can easily perform this DIY artwork from the comfort of your home. All things used in this project are not so hard to find. Not just that, you just need to spend a small amount of cash to grab the supplies. So, create it now and do let us know how it turns out!

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