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DIY Beauty welcomes all bookworms! Do you want an easy way to mark something important in your favorite book? Well, nothing to worry about as we are here with DIY bookmark ideas. However, bookmarking on your browser is pretty simple. So, we are going to tell you 2 unique bookmark ideas.

2 Bookmark Ideas For You All

We understand the importance of reading so we are here with 2 ideas that can change your life. You will get to know how to add a unique touch to your favorite books and mark your favorite spots.

bookmark ideas

Corner Bookmark

Corner bookmark ideas are not so hard to follow at all. They will work for all book types whether small or large. However, you need to get some materials.

Required Materials

  • Scissors
  • Colored pencils or you can use markers
  • A square piece of colored paper

Step-By-Step Guide

First of all, you have to take the colored paper that you have cut into a square piece. Or else, you can use a rectangular piece of colored paper. It is completely your choice!

It is time to take your paper and start folding it but diagonally! Make sure that you are diagonally folding it in half to form a triangle. You need to ensure that the corners meet in a perfect manner.

Now, you have to start folding the corner of the bottom of the triangle so that it can meet the top corner. In this way, you will be making a small triangle shape into a big one.

Remember, you have to carefully unfold this paper so that you can have a small pocket. Nevertheless, you can also flap at the bottom of your triangle. This flap is going to slip over from the corner of your book’s page.

When it is ready then you can now personalize this triangle by using the markers or pencil colors. In case you are fond of stickers then you can make use of them to decorate your book. Moreover, you can draw something or even use images to customize the bookmark.

Once you are done with the decorating, you have to refold the small flap from the bottom. Voila! This amazing bookmark is ready!

Let us tell you that corner bookmark ideas are convenient. You can easily slide this bookmark over the corner of the page you want to bookmark. Furthermore, the triangular shape can easily fit on any page of your any book.

diy paperclips bookmarks

Paperclip Bookmarks

Paperclip bookmarks are very useful for all those bookworms who are not specialized in DIY projects. Any novice can attempt these bookmark ideas with ease. However, you need to grab some supplies first.

Required Materials

  • Cardstock or any colored paper
  • Paperclips whether small or large, it is your choice.
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Step-By-Step Guide

You have to start by choosing your favorite-colored paper. Or else, you can make use of a cardstock. Let us tell you that paperclips bookmark ideas do not demand high-quality expensive papers. So, you can choose the paper of your choice.

After getting your paper, you have to start measuring and cutting a strip of it that should be around 1 to 2 inches wide. Moreover, it has to be around 6 to 7 inches long. Still, you can adjust the size of your preference.

It is time to start customizing your favorite paper. You can draw things on it or put pictures by using glue, it is your call! Some people like to put messages by using marker colors. However, you can be creative to your heart’s content.

Now you have to take one end of your paper and make use of glue but a small amount on the backside. Keep in mind that you need to slide the paperclip onto the end with the glue of the strip. You have to ensure that it is completely centered and securely sticking to the paper.

Apply glue on the other back side of the paper strip. After that, you have to start wrapping up the paper strip by making use of a paperclip. However, you have to apply a small pressure so that it can stick perfectly. Keep holding the paper for a couple of minutes so that the bond becomes strong.

Once done, you have to allow your paperclip bookmark to dry completely. It will make sure that the paper attaches perfectly to the paperclip. Congratulations! Your very own paperclip bookmark project is complete! You can personalize this project according to your needs by just adding a touch of your style.

Final Words

For the bookworms, bookmarks are a must to have! They work as little friends that make their reading experience better and more enjoyable. If you are a bookworm, then we assure you these bookmark ideas will be suitable for you. You do not have to spend too much cash to get the materials whether you choose corner bookmark ideas or just the paperclip one. Moreover, you are going to add beauty and customization to your book which will be great. Just imagine giving bookmarked books to your loved ones, they will surely be impressed. Therefore, leave everything at your back and start making your own bookmarks at home for your favorite books!

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