Boba Story Recipes

Boba Story Recipes

These days, cooking games are far more than just a passing trend. You have your passionate standard and your carefree hyper-casuals. If you dare, there is a Boba Story category for you. Start playing this game known as Boba Story cause DIY Beauty is here with amazing boba story recipes.

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Amazing Boba Story Recipes

Making something that your heart desires is good. However, it is also good to try out new things and make something that your tastebuds have never tested. We are here with some unique Boba story recipes that will thrill you for sure.

Dragon Cream Recipe

This recipe stands out because of its unique elements. Firstly, you need to get a pack of milk and then mix it with dragon. Later, you need to add cloud in it and mix well. Your dragon cream recipe is ready!

Polar Bear Syrup

It is a wonderful syrup, and you just need 3 ingredients to make it. First of all, you have to get bear, sugar cube and soda of same quantity. After that, you have to mix them well. Now, your unique polar bear syrup is ready!

Rose Petals Syrup Recipe

Do you want to try out something out of rose petals? If yes, then try out this syrup! You have to get rose petals. Now, you need to add honeybee and sugar cube in it. TADAA!!! Your rose petals syrup is ready!

Rainbow Syrup

Making a rainbow syrup is a piece of cake for all novice players. You need to add a heart, sugar cube and star together. Your syrup is ready!

Magic Den Feature

Magic Den is a new and remarkable feature of Boba Story. With its help, you can now make and test new Boba Story recipes without any problem. It allows you to add the ingredients of your choice. You can also get add-ons of your taste.

However, before using this feature, you have to unlock it properly. In this feature, you can easily collect the trinkets from Kokoro. You can make use of these trinkets to create new things.


Can I unlock ingredients in Boba Story?

Yes, you can easily unlock ingredients in Boba Story with the help of Magic Den feature.

How to access Magic Den feature?

Well, you need to go to the main cafe room and then tap on the menu present on the wall. In this way, you will be able to access Magic Den feature.

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