diy anniversary gifts

DIY Anniversary Gifts For Him And Her

Greetings DIY Beauty audience! Are you looking for something to give to your partner on this anniversary? Well, you are at the right place as we are here with amazing and unique DIY anniversary gifts for him and her. so, you can easily pick the gift idea that suits your husband’s or wife’s style. However, let us tell you that gifts are wonderful ways to show your love and care. It also makes the bond strong, so you need to create a DIY gift for your loved one now.

diy anniversary gifts

DIY Anniversary Gifts

The options for DIY anniversary gifts are definitely endless. From decoration to food, you can make anything that sparks the interest of your partner. However, it is always recommended to create a gift instead of getting one from your nearest store. The gifts you make all by yourself will surely be cherished and appreciated more than the ready-made ones. Still, there are some that you cannot design at home like custom mugs but they are affordable and readily available. Therefore, we are here with such DIY anniversary gifts that you can make or get at a reasonable price.

diy anniversary gifts for him

DIY Photos Wall Art

If you have a lot of photos of your partner from his/her childhood to adulthood, then you should try out this project. Grab a big wooden wall frame and start pasting different photos of your partner on it. However, make sure that you are pasting them in a random order and follow a theme to make this wall art more beautiful.

Furthermore, you can add decorations or patterned backgrounds for these picture wall art. In this way, it will surely become a memorable anniversary gift.


Many of you might be wondering that a scrapbook is a tough project. Well, this project is the easiest one when we talk about DIY anniversary gifts. All you have to do is to make a book of your partner with pictures of your togetherness. The more pictures you add, the more this scrapbook will look beautiful.

Furthermore, you have to pull out some pictures from your phone or social media to add them in this book. It is important to design and decorate this book to the maximum. You can add ribbons, design the title carefully, and put a beautiful cover on it. This will surely make your scrapbook stand out.

diy anniversary gifts for her

Custom Painting

Custom painting is quite popular nowadays as people like to custom print their mugs, t-shirts, etc. However, you need to get in touch with the people who can do custom painting on any object. Let us tell you that there are individuals and even companies who perform this task. You may have to find the ones that are providing high-quality products at a low price.

Nevertheless, if you know how to custom print a mug or any other thing then you are lucky! You can customize the object according to your loved one. Moreover, you will not have to search and spend money on getting this custom painting gift for your partner. Make sure to use a unique style for any object you are going to custom print.

DIY Love Vouchers

Love vouchers are small gift items that you can give to your loved one. Write future promises on these vouchers like I will serve you breakfast in bed, I will give you a massage daily, and so forth. This would be quite enjoyable and fun for both of you. Moreover, you can create love vouchers from 10-20 and put them in a box. Decorate this box in a unique way and give it to your loved one.

Love Letter

Grab a white chart and start cutting it to design your beautiful letter. When your letter is ready then you have to start writing your thoughts about your partner.

However, keep in mind that you have to write your love thoughts, your couple’s dreams, and your wishes in this letter. Once you are done writing then you have to decorate this letter. You can use ribbons, bold markers, and laces to make it appealing. Gift this love letter to your partner and impress him/her.

Hand-Picked Bouquet

Flowers are traditionally given as gifts on anniversaries. They are an easy way to make your partner smile and happy. Furthermore, they immediately add to the festive atmosphere of the event. Grab all the flowers of your choice and make your own bouquet for your anniversary. You might go through your flower collection in your backyard and present your spouse with a lavish bouquet as a surprise.

Final Words

All of the above-mentioned DIY anniversary gifts are a must to try. You can try each gift every year on your anniversary. Moreover, these anniversary gifts will not cost you much. It is important to make your anniversary special and you can do this by giving away gifts to your spouse. Whether you are going to craft a hand-picked flower bouquet or a love letter, you have to decorate it perfectly. Use the colors and decoration that sparks the liking of your spouse. All DIY novices can make the most of these DIY anniversary gifts to the maximum. So, try them now and impress your loved one!

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