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DIY Fireplace Ideas For Your Living Room

Welcome to DIY Beauty! Whether you have a big or small living room, a DIY fireplace is a must to have there. It will surely add some uniqueness and elegance to your living room. Moreover, it’s a place where everybody gathers around so you need to make it beautiful.

Many people are inclined towards DIY projects, due to which we are here with some of the best DIY fireplace ideas for your living room. Checkout these ideas and pick the one that seems to be easy!

DIY Marble-Patterned Vinyl Fireplace

Marble-patterned vinyl DIY fireplace is something that will go with any scheme. If you are concerned about the theme of your living room, then you should opt for it. However, this marble-patterned fireplace would be a bit heavy on your pocket.

Materials Required

  • Caulk
  • Scissors
  • Spray paint in gold or any of your favorite color
  • Marble-patterned vinyl

Instructions To Follow

First of all, you have to measure the space where you have to use the marble-patterned vinyl sheets. After that, start cutting the vinyl sheets according to the measurements. Now, it is the time to clean your wall before applying the sheets. Moreover, you have to check that your wall is completely flat. If it is uneven from anywhere then you have to make it flat first.

However, make sure to map out where the sheets are going to be placed. Also, you have to check that the pattern is in order. If the pattern is not properly followed, then your DIY fireplace will not look chic but shabby. When everything is good then you have to peel off the back of the vinyl sheets and smooth them out so that no air bubbles form.

It is time to start placing the marble-patterned vinyl sheets on the wall and fill any gaps with the help of the caulk. Furthermore, you have to add a bit of glam by doing spray painting on the metal fireplace. If you will use gold color, then it will surely add a glam to your fireplace. Still, you can go with silver or any other color for the metal.

DIY Fireplace Framing

If you have a small living room, then it would be quite difficult to stand out the fireplace. However, with this DIY idea, you can make your fireplace the center of attraction. Get creative and frame out your fireplace in a vibrant shade like yellow, orange, green or blue. However, these are just suggestions as these colors are quite loud. If you want to go with any other color for the framing, then it’s your call completely.

Materials Required

  • Metallic paint
  • Primer
  • Bristle brush
  • Damp soapy cloth

Instructions To Follow

Grab a damp soapy cloth and start cleaning the fireplace completely. Make sure there is no debris or dirt. When it becomes neat and clean then it is the time to paint one coat of primer. Let it dry completely and then you have to apply another coat of primer.

Furthermore, you have to start applying one coat of metallic paint. Give it time to dry out and then you have to apply a second coat. Remember, you have to apply 3 coats of wall paint to ensure smoothness and elegance. You have to start coating in such a way that you get a boxy design. In this way, you will enhance the look of your fireplace.

DIY Penny Tiles Fireplace

Penny tiles are not so common but they are extremely elegant. If you want to enhance the look of your living room then you need these tiles around your fireplace to make it stand out. Moreover, the installation of penny tiles is so easy that any novice can do it. This DIY fireplace will not cost you much. Nevertheless, this DIY fireplace project is going to take around 2-3 days. So, you have to do it on weekends if you are a job or business person.

Materials Required

  • Tile glue
  • Penny tile sheets
  • Craft knife
  • Mini grout float
  • Grout filler

Instructions To Follow

You have to make sure that the tile surround is completely flat and neat. If it is not, then you have to make it flat and neat. Now, it is time to grab the penny tile sheets as they are quite easy to use. You have to apply the tile glue on the tile sheet and then paste it on the wall. After that, you have to let the glue dry for around 20-30 hours.

However, you have to make use of a mini grout float to apply the grout in a smooth manner. It is recommended to use the same shade grout matching with the tiles. In this way, your fireplace will look eye-catching and noticeable. In case there are any spots then you have to use the damp cloth to remove them. Let it dry and your perfect DIY penny tile fireplace is ready!

Final Words

In conclusion, adding a fireplace to your living room can make the space more attractive. The best and easiest DIY fireplace ideas for your living room have been explained. These ideas are simple to implement, and one person is able to do it with ease. None of these fireplace ideas need hiring a professional. On two of these projects, you might need to spend some money. No matter which idea you choose, you must have enough time. Making your fireplace stunning requires time, so only do it when you have the time.

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