5 DIY Art Deco Style Ideas For Your Home

Here at DIY Beauty, we are here to provide different DIY ideas that can help you beautify your space. Whether you are a DIY expert or a newbie, you will face no difficulty in following these DIY beauty ideas. In this post, we are going to talk about 5 DIY art deco style ideas. You will get polished, expensive and unique style at a reasonable price. Do you want to do it? Well, just read till the end to check out some amazing ideas.

Geometric Wall DIY Art Deco Style

Do you prefer the geometric art deco style on your wall? If so then you should check out this idea. There are many artists who recycle their canvases to save some bucks. You can also do this!

However, you need to have an old painting in your home for this project. In case you do not have any old painting at home then get it from a garage sale at a reasonable price. After that, you have to grab paint brushes and contrast paints for this project.

Remember, you have to make geometric shapes with the paints on this painting. You can make use of a scale or geometrical shapes available at home to make the designs. Create geometrical shapes on the painting and your new improved wall art deco style is ready for use!

Cardboard Sunburst Mirror

Do you have a circle-shaped boring mirror at home? Turn it into a beautiful with this unique DIY art deco style. For this project, you have to get cardboard material, scissors and glue. Start cutting the cardboard into long and thin pieces. Remember, you have to make a number of these pieces to cover the circle-shaped mirror from all sides.

Nevertheless, there are some people who are not quite familiar with cardboard use. If you are one of them then no problem! You can purchase cardboard sticks from anyplace and stick them around your mirror.

Moreover, you have to use glue properly on the sides of your mirror and then keep on placing the cardboard sticks around it. Cover it from everywhere and use equal sticks for an elegant look. If you want to add a funky look then you can use sticks randomly on the sides. However, the choice is completely yours but use sticks in such a way they provide a sunburst look.

Use Gold On Old Items

Use Gold On Old Items

You may have a lot of old items at your home like tables, cabinets and drawers. It is time to beautify them by using gold. You do not require any special skills to do this one!

No need to go for gold on all sides of your old items. You just have to use a gold tape on the front side of your item. This will not just enhance the look of your item but also add a glam to the space.

Furthermore, this DIY art deco style is what people are following nowadays as it does not take much time and effort. The gold tape is readily available in the stores and online market. Just get this tape and cut it according to your item and you are done!

Wallpaper Art Deco Style

Many people are now inclined towards using wallpapers in their home instead of typical paints. It is due to the ease and affordability of the wallpapers. There is no need to hire workers to do the painting as you just need to paste the wallpapers on the wall. However, pasting wallpaper is a bit time-consuming but you can ask your friends to help you out.

The best thing about wallpapers is that you can change them whenever you want. You just have to take out the old ones and buy the new ones. You do not have to break the bank to change the wallpapers of your room.

When it comes to art deco style, you need to glam up your dull rooms. Grab some patterned wallpapers for your dull room and beautify it. However, keep in mind that you should put wallpaper on one or two walls of your room. There is no need to put it on all sides as it will not look chic. Choose those walls whose paint has faded or looks quite dull.

Furthermore, you can put wallpaper on your wardrobes and dresser drawers too! If your wardrobe has dull brown shade and you are fed up with it then no issue! Just get a ruler, measure the doors of your wardrobe and paste wallpaper over there! Your old wardrobe doors will look nice and elegant. Moreover, this will add a touch of elegance to your entire room.

Wallpaper Art Deco Style

Chic Sideboard Art Deco Style

You have to give your furniture the perfect finishing touches if you want to beautify your home. We are now going to share chic sideboard art deco style that will be light on your pocket. Moreover, you will turn your old and boring sideboard into an eye-catching piece.

For this project, you should grab a gold spray paint, small roller for paint, wood paint, sideboard as well as stencils of your favorite design. You can use wood paint of any color, but we would suggest you use a white shade. It will go well with the gold shade and beautify your furniture more.

First of all, you have to detach the doors and feet of your sideboard properly. Make use of the paint roller and start painting them. Remember, the color of the doors and feet should be the same as the sideboard. It is time to remove the handles before stencil alignment on the door surface. When it is done then you have to start using spray paint. Furthermore, you have to line up the stencil against the pattern to make sure a consistent texture.

Now, you need to coat the feel with the gold spray paint. When the pattern is complete, and you get your desired result then put your sideboard at any place of your room. It will surely grab the eyes of people and enhance the look of your space. However, you can attach different colorful knobs or door handles to give your sideboard a funky look.

5 DIY Art Deco Style Ideas For Your Home

Final Words

Any home, no matter how big or small, can benefit from the above-mentioned DIY art decor style ideas. Not only that, these ideas will not cost you anything. It’s time to replace your outdated furniture with the new one to improve the aesthetics of your home. Furthermore, none of the DIY art decor design ideas discussed above needs you to gather a lot of supplies. So why are you still waiting? Glam up your home now!

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