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Rice Cooker Recipes

Greetings DIY Beauty fans! We are here with rice cooker recipes. Rice cooker is definitely one of the best electronics ever made. You can make different kinds of rice in it within minutes. Not just that, it can make fat-free rice recipes for you.

rice cooker recipes

4 Quick And Easy Rice Cooker Recipes

Whether it is your week dinner or Sunday brunch, you can make any of these 4 quick and easy rice cooker recipes at home. There is no need to spend hours to make your rice when you have cooker at your space. If you are a bachelor and live alone then you should try any of these recipes for once.

Egg Fried Rice

Are you fond of egg fried rice? Well, now you can make them in your rice cooker. These rice’s are easy to make as they are infused in yummy sauce. Moreover, when you will add eggs in them then the protein level will surely maximize. This rice cooker recipe will not just satisfy your taste buds but tummy as well.

rice cooker recipes chicken

Chinese Sticky Rice

Chinese sticky rice is perfect dish to be served in lunch or dinner. It can be served as the main or side dish; it depends on you. It has a special texture and unique taste.

Moreover, this is one of those rice cooker recipes which has tasty ingredients. For instance, ground pork, mushrooms, sausages, and shrimp. However, you can add the sauces of your choice.

rice cooker recipes chinese

Pumpkin Chinese Rice

Time to make flavorful pumpkin rice in your rice cooker. You just need mushrooms, chicken, pumpkin and yes RICE! Moreover, you can add any of your favorite seasonings in it.

You just need bite-size chicken, add your favorite ingredients and toss to mix things up. Get pumpkin in big chunks, add mushrooms and dried shrimp in the cooker. Now, just make it and eat it!

simple rice cooker recipes

Chicken Congee

Congee is a porridge which you can eat in breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is light on tummy and perfect for diet conscious people. It includes chicken, rice broth, and mainly ginger.

However, you need to have chicken breast for this rice cooker recipe. This is one of those rice cooker recipes which will consume 25 minutes. When you are going to get ready for office or education reasons, you can put the ingredients in the cooker. Let it be ready until you get ready! Taddaa!! Eat it up and be on your way!

rice cooker recipes indian

Final Words

Rice cookers are a fantastic go-to kitchen tool, whether you’ve been looking for quick and flavorful meals or simple rice cooker recipes. Thus, this collection is the only place to look if you’re looking for new rice cooker recipes! Now start preparing!

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