Tajin on watermelon recipe

Tajin On Watermelon

Welcome to DIY Beauty where you will get complete recipe of Tajin on watermelon. It is a refreshing recipe which is good to make in watermelon season. Little kids and youngsters will also love this recipe after coming back from playground.

Tajin On Watermelon

Easy Tajin On Watermelon Recipe

There are many people who like to eat watermelon. However, eating is a traditional way but sometimes you have to check new recipes of watermelon. Tajin on watermelon is one of these unique recipes which you should try today!


  • 1 small watermelon piece
  • Tajin seasoning
  • Mint leaves
  • Fresh lime


The first thing you have to know is that Tajin seasoning is readily available in grocery stores. If you cannot find it then order it online from an online grocery store. Secondly, you have to take watermelon and wash it properly. Clean it up and then cut it using a knife.

You have to cut down the watermelon in cubes form. Try to make smaller cubes and then set them in a serving plate. Now, you have to sprinkle the Tajin seasoning on the watermelon pieces. Tajin is so flavorful that you do not need any other topping or seasoning on watermelon. After that, you have to squeeze a fresh lime juice on it. At the end, you have to put mint leaves on the watermelon and serve them. This colorful watermelon recipe will surely impress people.


  • You have to put tajin seasoning according to your choice.
  • If you are not able to get tajin then you can go for some other spicy seasoning.
  • You want to serve it cold then do not put tajin before. When you are going to serve it then add tajin on watermelon. Otherwise, the flavor will not be good.


Can I serve this recipe on any event?

Yes, it will be suitable for all your summer parties. The best part is that making tajin watermelon recipe will not take much time.

Can I cut the watermelon according to my choice or just in cubes?

You can cut watermelon according to your choice completely. It is not compulsory to cut it in cubes to make this watermelon recipe.

Can I use other fruits with tajin seasoning?

Yes, you can use any of your favorite fruits with tajin seasoning.

Do I have to use fresh lime or the one in bottle?

It is better to use fresh lime but if is not at home then you can go for the one in bottle.


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