Vegas Bomb

Vegas Bomb Recipe

All of us know that things happen in Vegas, stay there! However, DIY Beauty has got something from Vegas for you today! Check out this amazing Vegas bomb recipe. It is a unique and yummy cocktail. Your friends would love it on a party or get-together.

Vegas Bomb Recipe

How To Make Vegas Bomb Recipe At Home?

If you are going to throw a cocktail party, then you need to include Vegas bombs for sure. This Vegas bomb recipe is going to be a hit! Moreover, it is not just for youngsters but adults as well. It will surely be able to satisfy every individual’s tastebud.


  • You have to use super tart juice like Cranberry juice cocktail
  • Peach schnapps
  • Crown royal or any of your favorite whiskey
  • Red Bull or any of your favorite energy drink


First of all, you have to put all the ingredients in your freezer. Let them chill out completely or else you will not like this recipe. Moreover, the cooler it is, the tastier your Vegas bombs will be!

Now, it is time to make this yummy Vegas bomb recipe. All you have to do is to take a big glass tumbler or just a small glass for shot. Add same quantity of crown royal whiskey, cranberry juice, and peach schnapps in the tumbler.

You need to shake it well and stir it up. After that, you have to pour it into a glass. If you want to make it more chill, then add ice to the tumbler with the drinks and mix it up. Now, pour it into your glass and stir it properly. It’s time to add your last ingredient, the Red Bull in your glass. However, you have to put red bull in a small glass and then add just about a drop of it in the drink.

Your very own Vegas bomb is ready now! Keep in mind that the higher you will hold the shot glass above your tumbler, the huger splash there will be!


  • If you want to enjoy this drink seriously then you have to drink it instantly when the drop the last ingredient in it.
  • It is a complete pack of alcohol, juice and energy drink. However, make sure you protect your teeth from the shot glass.
  • When you add a shot glass into a big glass filled with liquid then it becomes a bomb.
  • You have to use tall pint glass for the Vegas bombs.

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