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Turkey Injection Recipe

Do you know that you can make Turkey injection recipe at home? Well, Yes! You are right! DIY Beauty is here with the complete recipe of your favorite meal i.e. Turkey. Many people like to eat it whenever they go to a restaurant. But why you should pay for this when you can make home? So, save your cash and try to make this at home.

turkey injection recipe

How To Make Turkey Injection Recipe?

The best thing about making Turkey injection recipe at home is you can personalize the flavors. Moreover, you can add your specialty to it. Not just that, you can add or decrease the amount of sauce if you like. So, making it at home is a pretty good and reasonable idea!


  • Coarse Kosher Salt
  • Hot sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Honey
  • Beer


There are many methods to make Turkey recipe but today we are going to discuss the easiest one. First of all, you have to plan 1/2 ounce of marinade for every 4 pounds of the entire Turkey. After that, you need to inject it properly and thoroughly.

Furthermore, you have to do it after rubbing butter or your favorite seasoning on Turkey. Otherwise, by massaging it with butter or seasoning, the internal marination will come out.

Now, make sure that you inject both breasts of Turkey. It is important to inject it till the depth. However, don’t do it all the way through. Keep injecting the Turkey until you are satisfied that it has even marinade.

When breasts are done then it is time for the thighs. Still, there is no need to pass through the cavity. You know what I mean. However, you need to inject the marinade according to the size of Turkey.

Always go for the deeper parts and ignore the thinner areas. Moreover, you have to avoid injecting the part near to the bones.


  • You know that making Turkey injection recipe at home will cost you around $3 as everything else would be in your home.
  • You will never get to use the entire bottle as you are not going to make it daily.
  • Personalize it according to your choice by using your favorite seasoning or injection mix.
  • Cook it in whatever way you want like you can fry, smoke or even roast it.

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