DIY 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Do you know that turning 21 is quite a special milestone in your life? You are becoming an adult and having hormonal changes. These changes affect your personality, looks, mindset and even mood. Therefore, DIY Beauty welcomes you with DIY 21st Birthday Gift Ideas. These ideas are going to surprise you as they are quite affordable. We are going to present you some unique DIY 21st birthday ideas from which you can pick the one of your likings.

DIY 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

There are many gifts that you can buy instantly and give to your loved ones. However, these gifts will not surprise your loved ones like the ones you will make all by yourself. So, it is important to impress them and show them how much you love them. Thus, you should try any of these DIY 21st birthday gift ideas.

diy 21st birthday gift ideas

Memory Scrapbook

Do you know making a scrapbook for a 21st year old turning person is quite an amazing gift? All you have to do is to compile all the memorable moments and make a heartfelt gift.

Materials You Will Need

·         Stickers and any decorative items

·         Page protectors

·         Pictures

·         Colored paper

·         Scissors

·         Glue

·         Markers

·         Scrapbook

·         Markers

Step-By-Step Guide

First of all, you have to grab all the pictures that you want to put in the scrapbook. After collecting them, you should ensure that you have enough pages for them.

Once done, you have to choose the theme for your scrapbook. If you are making it for a girl, then pink would be great. However, if you are making it for a boy then choose blue.

Remember, you have to collect pictures that describe different stages of that person’s life.

When all the images are set then you have to start arranging the pages of your scrapbook. Furthermore, you have to make sure to organize the images in a proper order. Do not attach baby photos after university, or school photos after college.

After organizing your pictures and pages, you have to start decorating your pages. You can use markers, stickers or whatever you like to decorate this scrapbook.

Start placing pictures in the scrapbook when decoration of the pages is done. You have to make use of glue.

Add a touch of creativity to your DIY birthday gift by writing captions or messages on the side of pictures.

Make use of page protectors to keep this book safe and sound for long. This clear plastic will protect your scrapbook from dust and dirt in the long run.

Create a cover of your scrapbook according to the theme you have chosen. Make sure that the pictures on the cover are big enough. Furthermore, you need to make this scrapbook stand out. So, use a good title for the cover.

21 wishes jar

21 Wishes Jar

On your 21st birthday, you have to give away a nice present to your loved one. 21 wishes jar is perfect for this occasion. This jar will have a total 21 wishes for the birthday person whether it’s a boy or a girl. For the upcoming 21 days, he/she has to open each wish on a daily basis. You have to complete those wishes to make them feel special.

Materials You Will Need

·         A glass jar with the lid

·         21 small colorful pieces of paper

·         Ribbons or any other decorative item

·         Markers or pencil colors

·         Pens, markers, or colorful pencils

Step-By-Step Guide

You have to grab a clean jar with a lid. Make sure the glass jar looks neat and new. You can make use of a mason jar or any other of your choice. However, the jar should be spacious enough to hold 21 pieces.

Grab those 21 small colorful pieces of paper and start writing 1 wish on each of the paper. They should be small enough to fit in the jar nicely. Furthermore, they have to be big enough to write a wish.

When the notecards are ready then decorate them with stickers or any other decorative items. These items will enhance the beauty of the 21 small colorful pieces of paper. After that, start folding each piece properly in half and put them in the jar.

Remember, decorating a glass jar as well as its lid is important to impress the onlookers. Moreover, you should beautify the jar from outside. Make use of ribbons or any other decorative item that suits your needs. After that, you have to tie the bow around the jar’s neck to give it a special touch.

On the other hand, you have to personalize the lid by using labels or marker colors. You can write anything with the marker colors on the lid.

It’s time to wrap up the glass jar filled with 21 wishes into a gift box or a bag. However, this jar does not need to be wrapped up in boxes, but you can use one if you like. Your very own DIY 21st birthday gift is ready now!

Final Words

In conclusion, these DIY 21st birthday gift ideas are ideal presents to show someone how much you care and love them. These two projects demand a bit of effort but not money! Without spending too much you will make amazing gifts for your loved ones. Birthdays are special and DIY Beauty understands it! Therefore, we thought of bringing something new and creative for our readers today! You can add your creativity and thoughtfulness to any of these DIY 21st birthday gift ideas. So, start crafting one to make birthdays more special.

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