Pastina Recipes

Pastina Recipes

Whether you are craving for a comforting bowl of broth or need a baked casserole, you have to make pastina with it. It will surely fulfill your belly as well as your loved one’s belly too. DIY Beauty is going to mention some of the best pastina recipes popular across generations.

Easy Pastina Recipes

5 Pastina Recipes To Try

There are different pastina recipes but today we are going to discuss a few. It is because they are quite satisfying and you can make them for get-togethers, events and even festivals. Each pastina recipe has a unique flavor as well as style. Moreover, you can customize the recipes according to your choice.

Pastina Pudding

Pastina is not just a savory dish, but it is also used as sweet dish. You can use it as a dessert on your events as pastina pudding. All you have to do is to give pastina a sweet twist. You have to add milk, sugar and cinnamon in it and then cook until it becomes thick pudding. When you get the right consistency then you have to add raisins to make it sweeter. After that, you have to serve it to your guests. However, you have a choice to serve it cool or hot.

Baked Pastina Casserole

If you want to make pastina ahead of time, then you should make baked pastina casserole. You can easily cook pastina in advance and then store it in an airtight container. After that, you have to put this container in your fridge. It will stay fresh for around 5 days. However, whenever you want to serve it then you can preheat it and then add a little broth or even water. In this way, it will not be dry. You have to mix marinara sauce and ground meat together. After that, you have to use mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese toppings for bubbling casserole effect. Therefore, it will be a hearty meal for both adults and kids.

Pastina And Egg Soup

Pastina is always present in most of the Italian cuisines. It is small in size and easy to eat due to which children are fond of it. Making soup of egg and pastina will surely satisfy the small tummies of your children. Moreover, this pastina soup is good for health. To make this yummy soup you have to use pastina with a lot of eggs. Actually, you have to make a broth with carrots, onions and celery before adding the pastina. After that, you have to mix the whisked eggs into the simmering mixture to create delicate ribbons. They will add both protein and texture to your pastina soup.

Creamy Pastina With Spinach

Pastina comes in different shapes like stars, orzo, alphabets and more. However, you can use any of them to make creamy pastina with spinach. All you have to do is to mix pastina with a blend of sauteed spinach, garlic and parmesan cheese. Moreover, you will get a splash of milk and cream with amazing texture. You can use this creamy pastina as a side dish or appetizer.

Classic Pastina In Broth

If you are looking for timeless pastina recipes, then you have to try classic pastina in broth. You can use chicken or vegetable broth; the choice is yours. You have to add pastina with a pinch of salt in the simmering chicken or vegetable. After that, you have to cook the pasta properly so that it gets the right texture. You have to serve it hot and then garnish with parmesan cheese. Some people also garnish this recipe with chopped parsley.

Final Words

Pastina refers to small shaped pasta and you can make a lot of dishes with it. Whether it is a creamy pastina or a soup, you can make the most of it. Moreover, you can use the pastina recipes as a side dish, main course or even appetizer. They are made in variety of ways throughout the world. So, get your pastina and make something new out of it that satisfies your tummy and taste buds.


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